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We are located in Voorthuizen, in the heart of the Netherlands. We embrace sustainability; our office is in a refurbished mall and is powered by solar energy. We work with a small team of specialists who all live within a walking distance from the office. We don’t just talk about sustainability, we also act accordingly.


We import our goods from all over the world. We work together with highly-regarded suppliers from all continents that we visit and audit. Even though we travel regularly, we do it as efficiently as possible.


We store our goods in NL-based warehouses, which allows us to make just-in-time deliveries. On demand, we can further clean, grind, (steam) sterilize, and blend goods. All parcels are inspected and tested by independent laboratories.



Warehousing, cleaning, and other processing are outsourced to specialized and certified subcontractors. We have long-term business relationships with all our partners, including suppliers, subcontractors, or customers.


Over the past 20 years we have built a reliable, solid company with a good reputation in the international spice market.  We are not a company that pushes buyers or sellers in to agreements that they later on might regret. We prefer to think in long term partnerships  in which we always meet our obligations.


We don’t issue fancy brochures or leaflets. Instead, we like to concentrate on the core of our business - supplying safe, good quality products, which are produced in a sustainable way, at competitive prices. 


We are ready to do business!




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